Bookings and Stuff

VENUES and PLACES: The Traveling Bonfires is looking for more venues to hold its spring to autumn community fundraise programs and fun projects: poetry readings/art exhibitions, film screenings, food sharing/demonstrations, club gigs, lectures/workshops, outdoor concerts, dance parties, neighborhood flea markets/craft sale, children’s events. Any place is as good as any: cafes, bookstores, bars/clubs, open field, halls and ballrooms, private houses and front/back yards.

The TRAVELING BONFIRES has started meetings/talks with like-minded individuals and organizations in Asheville and other cities in regards our upcoming projects. In case you may be interested, these community events include: poetry readings (with singer-songwriters), film screenings and food sharing, club rock gigs, workshops and lectures, and of course, the centerpiece project, "Bonfires for Peace" concert/convergence. I am also organizing house parties/gatherings so we could talk more as a collective. I’d be honored to sit down with you in case we have parallel wavelengths to tread. My email:

PHOTO: Maggie Boles and her band in a Vagrant Wind gig at Viento y Agua Cafe & Gallery in Long Beach, California, 2008.