Gallery of Photographs

THE SUN was gloriously up yesterday, with some drizzling rain. Almost picture perfect day—although I admittedly hoped for longer rain. As we start another week, an hour or two of gentle downpour should be a blessing—following a weekend of flesh-sticky humid and searing midday heat. But then, that’s what we asked for, right?—respite from the rain so we can hold our ”rock journey and sublime madness” without much trouble. So for the weekend moments of sun – we thank the Blue Sky God/dess. No rain during the ”Bonfires for Peace at Pritchard Park” last Saturday, July 16; no rain, still, in The Indie’s intimate 3rd-year birthday gathering last night at Rosetta’s Kitchen in Lexington Av. But we pray for safety of those places/people who are within reach of hurricanes and typhoons... [--12:13midnight. July 19, 2005. Asheville, North Carolina]

CAPTIONS COMING UP. Photos were either taken by Pasckie Pascua,
Marta Osborne, or a friend (please let me know).