Projects and Programs

BONFIRES for PEACE, and other programs
[1] Bonfires for Peace: Usually a one-day free park concert or a nighttime club music event. The Bonfires has produced/organized events of this persuasion in Asheville and Mars Hill, North Carolina (ex: an unprecedented 16 weekends in downtown Asheville in 2004, and still happening to date); Baltimore, Maryland; Washington, DC; New York City; Manila/Quezon City and Baguio City, Philippines; and Huntington Beach, Long Beach, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, California.
[2] Vagrant Wind: Café/gallery/bookstore events that are usually a mix of poetry and singer-songwriter mini-concert, sometimes short films and discussions included. 
[3] Wander Women: A women-produced and organized small-venue shows and gigs that promote and advocate women issues. 
[4] Bonfires for Vampires: A fun family event (DJs, concerts, food, costume party, games etc) that is traditionally held on Halloween.

NOTE:  We occasionally organize similar events—like, community/family block parties, benefit garage sales and `hood barbecue, crafts/nonprofit tabling, children’s playground (clowns, piñata, games, open mic), park musical shows, and other “fun” activities.

Both The Bonfires’ Asheville/US and Philippine networks work closely with various international, national and local humanitarian organizations. Past and present beneficiaries include: Association Compassion Asian Youth/Missionaries of Mary, DESAPARECIDOS (families of victims of involuntary disappearances), breast cancer patients, and tyhoon/calamity refugees. The organization also organizes benefit shows for individual people.

Co-sponsorship and organizational/business donations are very much welcome—both in terms of financial aid, media exposure/publicity, production/events needs (sound system procurement, food, program printing).  Co-sponsors business/corporate logos are prominently displayed or printed in all production banners, posters, flyers, and postcards. 

[PHOTO above: Local band BUYAKA at "Bonfires for Peace at Pritchard Park" in downtown Asheville, North Carolina. 17 April 2010]