Monday, October 24, 2011

The Traveling Bonfires and Flood Gallery

food sharing versus corporate greed
with songs, poetry, and peaceful vibes

Peace Jones
The Caleb Beissert Band
Pasckie Pascua
Riley Schilling
and friends

Nov 19, 2011. Saturday. Show starts 8PM.
Flood Gallery, River Arts District: 109 Roberts Street, Asheville
suggested donation: $5 to $7 (buffet food is free)

Food and fresh produce provided and donated by local restaurants and WNC independent growers. Proceeds go to the Traveling Bonfires/The Indie and Flood Gallery’s community projects.

INQUIRIES: Traveling Bonfires: Marta Osborne (828) 280 1555, Pasckie Pascua,, and Flood Gallery: (828) 254-2166

ABOVE photo by Joe Longobardi

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The TRAVELING BONFIRES participates in:

<>Asheville’s Organicfest. Saturday, Sept 10. Pack Square Park. Organicfest is a festive celebration of everything organic and green held every September in Asheville, North Carolina. 

<>Mooresville’s Guerrilla Artists Group Fine Arts Festival. Saturday, October 15 10:00am - 5:00pm. Downtown Mooresville, NC—corner of South Academy St and Wilson St. Guerrilla Artists Group Fine Arts Festival—featuring fine artists, live music and food. Email:
at Vanuatu Kava Bar
151 S Lexington Ave, Asheville, NC 28801. Tel # 828 505 8118

LINEUP of PERFORMERS: Sept 3, Sept 10, Sept 24, Oct 8

[ ] Sept 3 (Saturday): The DUBber (musician), Al Black (poet) 
[ ] Sept 10 (Saturday): Brian Sneeden (poet), Bloodroot Orkaestarr (band) 
[ ] Sept 24 (Saturday): Mischa Little Bear (poet/teacher), Madelyn Lavender (singer-songwriter), Pasckie Pascua (poet) 
[ ] Oct 8 (Saturday): SLAM POETS NIGHT—Andrew Procyk (from Asheville), SilDag (from Columbia SC)


<>at FLOOD GALLERY, Asheville River Arts District
[ ] OCT 29, Saturday, show starts 7:00pm
“Bonfires for Vampires” / Launch of The Indie of Asheville, a community publication
w/ Peace Jones, The Caleb Beissert Band, Arianna Greenberg, and more
109 Roberts Street, Asheville NC

In case you’d like to perform as well or collaborate on a fundraiser, email me: or call Marta Osborne, 828 280 1555

Thursday, July 7, 2011

at Vanuatu Kava Bar
151 S Lexington Ave, Asheville, NC 28801
LINEUP of PERFORMERS: Aug 4, Aug 27, Sept 10, Sept 24, Oct 8, Oct 22

[ ] Aug 4 (Thurs): Pasckie Pascua (poet), Caleb Beissert (poet, musician)

[ ] Aug 27 (Saturday): P. Drum and Peace Jones (rock fusion band), Jarrett Dilger Leone, with Brandon Oberlin  (didgeridoo players, poet).
INFO: (Jarrett's website) and find Dielle Diesco on Facebook

[ ] Sept 10 (Saturday): Brian Sneeden (poet), with Bloodroot Orkaestarr

[ ] Sept 24 (Saturday): Mischa Little Bear (poet/teacher), Madelyn Lavender (singer-songwriter)
INFO: Find Mischa Little Bear on Facebook

(courtesy of Twin Rivers Media Festival and Courtyard Gallery)

<> “A Prayer for Peace” by Dustin Grella 
<> “The Bridge” by Sheldon Schwartz 
<> "Lychee Thieves" (short drama, Hawaii) by Kathleen Kwai Ching Man
<> "Summer Trip" (drama feature length film, Japan) by Hiroshi Toda 
<> "Postcards from Paradise" (short documentary, Maldives/Bangladesh) by Poul Madsen & Henrik Kastenskov

EVERY other Saturday, starting Aug 27, 8pm. Poetry readings, singer-songwriter shows, film screenings, lectures, book/CD launch, art exhibition opening etc. In case you’d like to perform as well or collaborate on a fundraiser, email me:

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

at Vanuatu Kava Bar
151 S Lexington Ave, Asheville, NC 28801

Every other Saturday, starting Aug 27, 8pm. Poetry readings, singer-songwriter shows, film screenings, lectures, book/CD launch, art exhibition opening etc. In case you’d like to perform as well or collaborate on a fundraiser, email me:

DATES: Aug 27, Sept 10, Sept 24, Oct 8, Oct 22

FEATURING Caleb Beissert, Paul “Drum” DeCirce (of Peace Jones), Mischa Little Bear, Brian Sneeden… plus short films from Twin Rivers/Courtyard Gallery. HOST: Pasckie Pascua

LINEUP DETAILS per show, to be announced later.



[ ] JULY 9, Saturday, 8:00pm
Mind Gravy Poetry Reading
Artsy Fartsy Coffee Bar and Gallery
906 Knox Abbott Drive, Cayce SC 29033
INFOS (Al Black):
< >

[ ] AUGUST 4, Thursday, 8:00pm
w/ Caleb Beissart
Vanuatu Kava Bar
151 S. Lexington in downtown Asheville


[ ] JUNE 20, Monday, 8:00pm
Monday Night Poetry & Music
East Bay Meeting House
160 East Bay St., Charleston SC 29401
< >
< >

[ ] JUNE 21, Tuesday, 7 to 10pm
a Traveling Bonfires/The Indie event
with P. DRUM (lead singer/leader of Asheville-base band, Peace Jones)
and other guests (FREE)
Firestorm Café & Books
48 Commerce Street
Asheville, NC 28801
(828) 255-8115

Saturday, May 21, 2011

“Bonfires for Peace at Pritchard Park”
Spring to Summer 2004 (March to August), Asheville NC

Project Initiator: The Traveling Bonfires (a sideproject of the nonprofit newsmagazine The Indie), in cooperation with Asheville Parks & Recreation Department

PERFORMERS: Bands, poets, dancers, DJs, comedians, singer songwriters

[1] LOCALS: Ballet Warraba, Benjammin, Blue Spectral Monkey, Michael Channing, Crooked Routes and Vince Junior, Linda Dickson, Carrie Gerstmann, Chief Gotjacked, Doss Church, George Glass, Aaron Gunn, Youngblood Haske, Roberto Hess, Hippie Shitzu, Dawn Humphrey and Sidhe, Aaron Johnstone and Chris McCloud, Jay Kaiser and Mandy Carter, Leah Kane and Elara Luna, Kri, Matt Lambert, Menage, Lecivius, Chris Lee, Jonah Lipsky, Luna Moon, Danny Ness, Nathan Oliver, Pan, Pasckie Pascua, Rob Pate, Peace Jones, Reductio ad Absurdum, Amber Rose, The Savage Project, Riley Schilling, Accem Scott, The Skipping Class, The Southern Lights, Stephanie’s Id, Sami Te, Spuf, Kapila Ushana, Kellin Watson with Off-Centre

[2] VISITORS: Lionz (Athens GA), Banana da Terra, Avow (Boone), America Dear (Chapel Hill), High School Speeding (Charlotte), Fencepost 9, Steven Hollar, Heidi Sidelinker (Hickory), Avisit (Raleigh), Hoss, Mindshapefist (Sylva), Shiloh (Wilson), Platoon (Baltimore), Tiger Saw (Boston), Viking Moses (Chicago), Rainbow Trout (New York City), Vanessa Boyd (Greeneville TN), Kayumanggi (Houston)

Supervising Producer: Pasckie Pascua; Project Associate: Marta Osborne; Poster artists: Justin Gostony, Chris Johnson, Matt Mulder, Jon Teeple 

Photo: Stephanie's Id

Thursday, May 5, 2011

THE "beautiful madness" hasn’t really—ever—taken a day off. When we relocated to the West Coast (Las Vegas, Los Angeles) in 2007, my daughter Donna took over and organized successful TBonfires fundraisers in the Philippines… From 2008-09, we organized shows in Long Beach, Echo Park LA and Orange County—as well as “Bonfires for Peace” events in Huntington Beach (Southern CA) and San Francisco… My main purpose, however, when I moved back to Asheville was to finish my books—while Marta Kay Osborne (aka Marta The Nicer Osborne), the ever indefatigable TBonfires alter-ego and bestfriend, focuses on business management schooling.
I’m in the process of organizing house parties and farm convergences in and around Asheville, but the major thrust is a more professionalized booking effort beyond Asheville. (These are also geared at promoting my book projects as an individual artist/poet).
Asheville is still the Traveling Bonfires’ “home, my barrio” (although I technically live in Candler—where Marta is a neighbor, a mile away). Asheville changed a little bit in the last few years—which made me “regroup” and “adjust some breaks” somewhere somehow—but we are still here. This summer till fall, expect us to be all over town again… while, of course, expect the “beautiful madness” to be wandering about, in between. From late spring to maybe start of winter, we will be making some “sweet noise,” as well, in South Carolina cities/towns like Charleston—both as an organization and by way of my sweet shenanigans as a poet/cook.
But yes—in case you are thinking that maybe you could join us or simply talk about something that is mutually beneficial and cool for the community, let me know. We are always open to collaborations and volunteer work. Email me:

The Traveling Bonfires is an Asheville (North Carolina)-based organization that advocates community connectedness, dovetailed on cultural diversity and a global worldview on peace. The Bonfires’ centerpiece program is the “Bonfires for Peace” series of free concert events—which finds home in downtown Asheville’s Pritchard Park from 2003 to date, gathering a multitude of musical acts and performers from all over the US on a relentless spring to fall calendar. Through the organization’s “Vagrant Wind” and “Wander Women” subprograms, The Bonfires also continually produces small-venue shows and gigs—eg poetry readings, dance recitals, filmshowings, art exhibitions, lectures and talks, and other artist presentations.
Formed in the Cordillera mountains of northern Philippines in mid-1980s by journalist-poet Pasckie Pascua, The Bonfires made the rounds of Manila’s prominent performance venues, campus gatherings and people’s convergences for almost two decades, until the organization moved (with Pascua) to New York City in 1998, where it remained active mostly in downtown Manhattan for three years.
Brought forth by the tragedy of 9/11, The Bonfires (again) relocated to another city—Asheville, North Carolina—in late 2001 (where it remains to date). A two-year sojourn took place in Southern California when Pascua (with longtime administrative associate Marta Osborne) found employment in Los Angeles at the height of the country’s economic downturn. From fall of 2007 to end of 2009’s summer, The Bonfires continually organized shows in Long Beach, Echo Park in LA, and Orange County—including a “Bonfires for Peace” event each in Huntington Beach (fall, 2008) and San Francisco (summer, 2009). [Details on “History and other Stories”]
The Bonfires’ peaceful communal vibe has spread, as well, in other cities and states (aside from North/South Carolina, New York, and California), where “Bonfires for Peace” and “Vagrant Wind” events and shows were held in collaboration with local organizations and artists/musicians: Baltimore (Fells Point and Hampden), Jersey City, and Washington DC (Adams Morgan).
The Traveling Bonfires is also very active in the Philipppines’ major cities of Manila and Baguio—under the leadership of Donna Phoebe Pascua (regional director) and Lorna Campilan (associate director/line producer). TBonfires-Philippines works closely with various international and national humanitarian organizations, notably the Association Compassion Asian Youth/Missionaries of Mary, DESAPARECIDOS (families of victims of involuntary disappearances), breast cancer patients, and tyhoon/calamity refugees. [Details on “SALENG: Traveling Bonfires in the Philippines”]

[PHOTO above: Paul DeCirce and his band, Peace Jones, in a "Bonfires for Peace" concert at Pritchard Park in downtown Asheville, North Carolina, 2005]