Thursday, May 5, 2011

THE "beautiful madness" hasn’t really—ever—taken a day off. When we relocated to the West Coast (Las Vegas, Los Angeles) in 2007, my daughter Donna took over and organized successful TBonfires fundraisers in the Philippines… From 2008-09, we organized shows in Long Beach, Echo Park LA and Orange County—as well as “Bonfires for Peace” events in Huntington Beach (Southern CA) and San Francisco… My main purpose, however, when I moved back to Asheville was to finish my books—while Marta Kay Osborne (aka Marta The Nicer Osborne), the ever indefatigable TBonfires alter-ego and bestfriend, focuses on business management schooling.
I’m in the process of organizing house parties and farm convergences in and around Asheville, but the major thrust is a more professionalized booking effort beyond Asheville. (These are also geared at promoting my book projects as an individual artist/poet).
Asheville is still the Traveling Bonfires’ “home, my barrio” (although I technically live in Candler—where Marta is a neighbor, a mile away). Asheville changed a little bit in the last few years—which made me “regroup” and “adjust some breaks” somewhere somehow—but we are still here. This summer till fall, expect us to be all over town again… while, of course, expect the “beautiful madness” to be wandering about, in between. From late spring to maybe start of winter, we will be making some “sweet noise,” as well, in South Carolina cities/towns like Charleston—both as an organization and by way of my sweet shenanigans as a poet/cook.
But yes—in case you are thinking that maybe you could join us or simply talk about something that is mutually beneficial and cool for the community, let me know. We are always open to collaborations and volunteer work. Email me:

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