Saturday, May 21, 2011

“Bonfires for Peace at Pritchard Park”
Spring to Summer 2004 (March to August), Asheville NC

Project Initiator: The Traveling Bonfires (a sideproject of the nonprofit newsmagazine The Indie), in cooperation with Asheville Parks & Recreation Department

PERFORMERS: Bands, poets, dancers, DJs, comedians, singer songwriters

[1] LOCALS: Ballet Warraba, Benjammin, Blue Spectral Monkey, Michael Channing, Crooked Routes and Vince Junior, Linda Dickson, Carrie Gerstmann, Chief Gotjacked, Doss Church, George Glass, Aaron Gunn, Youngblood Haske, Roberto Hess, Hippie Shitzu, Dawn Humphrey and Sidhe, Aaron Johnstone and Chris McCloud, Jay Kaiser and Mandy Carter, Leah Kane and Elara Luna, Kri, Matt Lambert, Menage, Lecivius, Chris Lee, Jonah Lipsky, Luna Moon, Danny Ness, Nathan Oliver, Pan, Pasckie Pascua, Rob Pate, Peace Jones, Reductio ad Absurdum, Amber Rose, The Savage Project, Riley Schilling, Accem Scott, The Skipping Class, The Southern Lights, Stephanie’s Id, Sami Te, Spuf, Kapila Ushana, Kellin Watson with Off-Centre

[2] VISITORS: Lionz (Athens GA), Banana da Terra, Avow (Boone), America Dear (Chapel Hill), High School Speeding (Charlotte), Fencepost 9, Steven Hollar, Heidi Sidelinker (Hickory), Avisit (Raleigh), Hoss, Mindshapefist (Sylva), Shiloh (Wilson), Platoon (Baltimore), Tiger Saw (Boston), Viking Moses (Chicago), Rainbow Trout (New York City), Vanessa Boyd (Greeneville TN), Kayumanggi (Houston)

Supervising Producer: Pasckie Pascua; Project Associate: Marta Osborne; Poster artists: Justin Gostony, Chris Johnson, Matt Mulder, Jon Teeple 

Photo: Stephanie's Id

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