Saturday, September 26, 2015

Pasckie Pascua, Caleb Beissert, Madelyn Lavender and guest performers advocate alternative healing in a Traveling Bonfires show at Noble Kava, Oct 27

LOCAL poets Pasckie Pascua and Caleb Beissert resume reading from their books, “Red is the Color of my Night” and Beautiful: Translations from the Spanish (poems by of Pablo Neruda and Federico García Lorca),” respectively, in a Traveling Bonfires show at Noble Kava on Oct 27. They will be joined by Madelyn Lavender, who is on a new promotion campaign for her 2003 album, "Memory Tree." Sharing the stage are local poets Kelley Hoyer and Devon Vuillier, and singer-songwriter Amy Hamilton and poet/singer Eva Weinmann.
      Noble Kava, a family-friend, no-alcohol bar, is located at 15 Eagle St, Asheville, NC 28801. (828) 505-8118. The show is free. Donation is very much appreciated.     

       The Traveling Bonfires, a “people’s culture” organization that advocates family wisdom and community connectedness, has long been advocating alternative healing, herbal cures, and other non-conventional medical means through “Food Poets Society,” a food and music/arts interface program, and its cancer-awareness events and concerts. The show, which also serves as part of Pascua's continuing series of readings to promote his book, also raises fund for Weinmann, who has been afflicted with Rheumatoid Arthritis since childhood.
       Weinmann is currently on a fundraise and awareness drive focused on Peptide Therapy. Peptides are an amino acid, the building blocks of a protein and of our cells. Peptides are being used to treat and often cure cancer, Alzheimer's, ADHD, diabetes, epilepsy, dementia, many auto-immune disorders, allergies, and more. “This nutrient based medicine used for over 35 years in Europe with great success and now available in the US by only about 20 doctors, nationwide,” says Weinmann. “(Rheumatoid Arthritis) is a terribly debilitating and painful disease which has brought tremendous hardships to me and my family. This treatment gives me hope.” Weinmann will talk more about the subject between poetry and songs.
       Born in the Philippines and reinvented in New York City, the Traveling Bonfires arrived in the mountains in1999 and almost immediately made Asheville its home. Founded and head by Pascua, the TBonfires has also produced and organized shows in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Baltimore, Washington DC and other North and South Carolina cities through the years. The organization puts up the summertime music convergence, “Bonfires for Peace at Pritchard Park” in downtown Asheville. 

For info: or or find Pasckie Pascua on Facebook. 

TO HELP Eva Weinmann and more info: 
[ ] Donate:
[ ] Link to a clinic in Mexico and its work on peptides and what diseases they can cure:
[ ] Video explaining how it works:

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