Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Local poet Pasckie Pascua reads from his new book, with guests Randi Janelle, Keegan Avery and Devon Vuillier at Firestorm Cafe on Jan 16

LOCAL poet Pasckie Pascua resumes reading from his book, “Red is the Color of my Night” in a Traveling Bonfires show at Firestorm Cafe & Books ( in West Asheville on Jan 16, Saturday. He will be joined by author and spoken word artist Randi Janelle and singer-songwriter Keegan Avery and poet Devon Vuillier. 
       Firestorm is located at 610 Haywood Rd, Asheville, NC 28806 (tel # 828 255-8115). The free or donations-only show starts at 7. Firestorm's mission is to demonstrate the feasibility and desirability of a workplace based on free cooperation. The Cafe seeks to sustain and nourish the collective through fulfilling work, personal empowerment and equitable compensation.

       Randi Janelle is an author, photographer, performance poet, yoga instructor, cat whisperer. She calls Asheville home, but has lived and toured in Australia and New Zealand, and understands the phrases "fair dinkum" and "keen as." She's nourishing a coaching program along with writing “The Story” series. The first book “The Story: Deviation” is available to revel in, and the second book, “The Story: Possession” is due out in spring of 2017. 
       Keegan Avery is a local singer songwriter whose music exudes the sylvan mysticism of the mountains as well as the accessibility of a neighborhood troubadour. He is currently working on full CD and would be happy to share choice songs in the show.
Devon Vuillier was born in the sunny coastal city of Clearwater in Florida, and has been a resident of Asheville since childhood. Devon writes poetry as a way to get by with harsh moments in her life—but it was only until last year when she went out and joined readings in downtown Asheville that she developed confidence to share her work. Her poems mirror the angst of youth of her generation as well as the potentials of a matured poet way ahead of her age. She is currently in the process of putting together a chapbook of her choice poems so far.
       The Traveling Bonfires, a “people’s culture” organization that advocates family wisdom and community connectedness, has long been advocating alternative healing, herbal cures, and other non-conventional medical means through “Food Poets Society,” a food and music/arts interface program, and its cancer-awareness events and concerts. The show, which also serves as part of Pascua's continuing series of readings to help fundraise for The Bonfires' typhoon rehab projects in his home country, the Philippines.
       Born in the Philippines and reinvented in New York City, the Traveling Bonfires arrived in the mountains in1999 and almost immediately made Asheville its home. Founded and head by Pascua, the TBonfires has also produced and organized shows in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Baltimore, Washington DC and other North and South Carolina cities through the years. The organization puts up the summertime music convergence, “Bonfires for Peace at Pritchard Park” in downtown Asheville. Loved by the Buffalo is an independent publishing outfit based in Asheville.
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  1. Dear Pasckie,

    Iam glad to have discovered your work of poetry and prose to be able to relate to them because, they are so universal in nature. I am glad I got your book Red is the Color of my Night. I think your got enough material to fill many books in the years to come. Yes, it was a high times to place your poetry/prose in a book format and I am glad you did so as your legacy as a Poet amongst his poetic peers. Good luck with the book and I hope you will be on the roads to publish more of your work in poetry magazines, journals anthology and books. I do remain

    Very truly yours,

    Michael Matthews, NYC